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Episode 6: Retirement 101 – Top 8 Questions About Retirement

Ready for Retirement 101? These are the top 8 questions you need to ask to help you achieve the retirement you really want!  

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Episode 5: 10 Costly Money Mistakes People Make

Making good financial decisions isn’t just about providing for the distant future; it’s about cutting down on the very concerns you feel each day. To help you get in control of your finances, this podcast discusses 10 potentially avoidable mistakes you could avoid.

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Episode 4: 5-1 and DONE!

Counting down to retirement? Learn what you can do in your last five years working to help make your retirement exciting and rewarding.

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Episode 3: Sneaky Expenses

What little expenses are hiding in your monthly budget? Children’s bills? Unused services? Find more ways to cut fat from your budget this week on the Wise Money Podcast.

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Episode 2: Retirement Statistics 2020

How much money will you need to live comfortably in retirement? More seniors are declaring bankruptcy; Why? Key benefits you need to know for planning ahead for retirement?

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Episode 1: Make Your Money Last Throughout Your Lifetime

This episode focuses on: Improving confidence in saving for your retirement. Learning how to generate guaranteed lifetime income. Uncovering and avoid money pits after you’ve stopped working

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