4 Steps to a Better Retirement Plan

4 Steps to a Better Retirement Plan

Do you have your retirement date set, or have you already retired? And how about your financial plan…. Do you have things squared away? Or are you still working on putting all the pieces together? Creating a financial plan for retirement can be a tough job. There are a lot of moving parts and a ton of uncertainty that you’ll have to consider. We want to help you with some easy tips that you can follow to create a better retirement plan.

These 4 areas of retirement planning are all areas that we see a certain level of misunderstanding. When we consult with clients and prospective clients each and every week, and in our daily discussions with retirees and pre-retirees, these are the areas that we see people simply get it wrong. So, today on the show we have identified 4 steps for you to take to make sure you create a better, more confident, financial plan!

You still need a paycheck during retirement to live comfortably. Some people will have Social Security and/or a pension. But most people won’t have enough of a paycheck to keep the same standard of living. And that group of people will be forced to take the supplemental income they need from their retirement savings nest egg. To understand your budget and income needs make sure your money is aligned with your objectives, and what your monthly income “shortfall” may be.

Once you understand your shortfall and how much income your retirement savings nest egg needs to generate. Then create an effective income withdrawal and investment strategy. This is the monthly paycheck that you need still after your Social Security check and/or pension check comes in. If you still don’t have enough monthly income after those income sources arrive because your budget calls for more, than you have a shortfall.

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