Why Women Should Invest

Why Women Should Invest? It’s a question that gets thrown around from time to time.  At Roland Financial we passionately believe that women should be investing. When trying to grow your overall wealth, investing is arguably one of the best ways to reach those goals. In this episode talks about why we fervently believe why women should invest

Today, we are discussing Women and investing. Let’s face it, today women are becoming more financially independent and finding themselves needing their OWN financial plan.  Investing creates a way for women to potentially close the wage gap and accumulate as much wealth as men. Now, we know women have financial goals but we also know that they are statistically less likely to invest. but, Why is investing so important for women?

First and foremost, it’s important for women to be able to achieve a sense of financial equality and independence. When trying to  grow your overall wealth, investing is arguably one of the best ways to reach those goals. And when it comes to retirement we have to remember, on average, a Women earn approximately 83 cents to every dollar a man does.1 That means that even when they are saving the same percentage of their income as men, They’re not going to save the same amount. In addition, women also tend to live longer. Basically, for women, less money has to last longer when saving without an investing strategy. But the good news is, women tend to be to quite good investors, because they approach risk differently than men.

Studies have  found that women are: less likely to trade investments, which translates into almost a 1% increase in investment earnings per year than men (who trade 45% more frequently than women).1. They’re also tend to be long-term planners, meaning they focus on their specific growth goals rather than chasing risky returns that may end up costing them.

If you’re a women and find yourself wanting to learn more about investing or know other women who would benefit from investing you can schedule a meeting with Roland or Jim on our website or call our office at 833-2999 that’s 833-2999.

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